What Is A Bake Club? Everything you need to know

What is the Nicoletta Bake Club?

The Bake Club is a Nicoletta initiative to create a space for fellow South African bakers to fall in love with baking, and to be inspired by other bakers. The club consists of anyone who would like to sign up for monthly Bake Off competitions, post pictures of their beautiful bakes, and stand a chance to win great prizes. Register yourself on this website as an individual or start your own at-home bake club and join in the fun!

Why start or join a Bake Club?

Why not? If you love baking and you want to eat, laugh and talk about food with friends – then a bake club is the perfect social experiment!

Fire up your oven, grease your baking tray and put your mixer to work because you’re going to love this! You can create a bake club with your friends, your colleagues or other mum’s you meet in the school parking lot. The objective of a bake club is first and foremost to have fun!

This concept is popping up internationally, fuelled by the likes of Eric Lanlard’s ‘Baking Mad’, The ‘Great British Bake Off’, ‘Baking Easy’ and a host of other baking programs. The passion for home baking is growing; and while South Africa’s passion for baking is reaching new heights – we thought it’s time we’d bring this great idea to all of you.

What a great way to meet together, chat, swop ideas and recipes, and of course sample freshly baked goodies. Get ready to take your cakes, desserts, biscuits and tarts to the next level. Book Club is so last year!

How do I start my own at-home Bake Club?

  1. Get some enthusiastic friends / colleagues to join you
  2. Name your club
  3. Agree on where and when your club is to meet, and choose a member to host the club
  4. Decide on your theme for the next Bake Club event (e.g. Chocolate/Valentines/Gluten-free).
  5. Either choose one person to bake each month or ask all members to bake each month and bring their items to the event, it’s up to you!
  6. At the event, discuss the results, share recipes and eat the goodies!

View and download the Nicoletta Bake Club’s “Bake Off Challenge” per month if you’d like to use our theme as your own. Remember to take photos of your bakes before you eat. Register your club/ register individually and submit your photo to Nicoletta Bake Club. Entries aren’t limited per registered member.

Why register to join the Nicoletta Bake Club?

Each month, Nicoletta Bake Club sets an exciting Bake Off Challenge in line with a special theme; you create your bake and share it with your club, you then submit your pictures and any baking tips to Nicoletta Bake Club. Your bakes will be visible on our gallery wall and up for nomination as prize winner of the Bake Off.

Don’t forget to sign up to receive monthly Bake Off Challenge mailers containing the month’s baking theme, tips and prizes.

Terms & Conditions FAQ’s

  • What does home-baked mean?

Home-baked means “not store-bought”.

  • How do I win?

Winners will be chosen by the Nicoletta team, based on the photo, creativity, and description; extra points will be given to those who share recipes and baking tips; so get baking & snapping!

  • How many times can I enter?

There is a limit of 5 images per person as long as each image displays different baking ideas/techniques. So pick your favourite 5 photos and send them to us.

  • Who can win?

Anyone who enters the competition and has a physical South African address to which we can courier prizes! Nicoletta is a South African company with a passion for South African bakers; and so we created the “Bake Off” to share in a bit of competitive fun with our fans and avid bakers. Please be aware that any company branded photo’s entered into the Bake Off Competition, however, will not be eligible to win the prize.

  • When does the competition close?

Each competition closes on the last day of that month.

  • When do you announce winners?

The judges decisions are final and winners will be chosen and announced in the 1st week of the new month. Winners will receive notification via their email.

  • How do you use my photo?

All photo’s entered will be uploaded to our Facebook gallery wall and uploaded to the Gallery Wall. The winning image will be broadcasted on the website, and social media.

  • Can a Company branded photo enter the competition?

All photo’s will be uploaded to the Facebook Galleries. As mentioned above, any company branded photo’s entered into the Bake Off Competition, however, will not be eligible to win the prize.

  • Why has my photo been removed from the Bake Off Gallery Wall?

We reserve the right to remove any imagery that may be deemed inappropriate. If you think we’ve made a mistake, feel free to email us at theteam@nicolettabakeclub.co.za