Last month we ran a facebook competition, and asked people where they receive most of their baking inspirations and sources of recipes. The consensus was Google, food blogs, good ol’ recipe books, friends, family recipes and social media posts.

We compiled a few tips and points to consider when picking a source of your newest recipe:

  1. Internet: If you choose recipes from Google, you’re obviously not afraid to try something new, “shoot from hip” and “wing it”. You can rely on finding what you want in the wealth of recipes on the web, although they might not be accessible for everyone. Look at recipes that have been rated or commented on favourably by others, and use ounce to g/ml convertors online for US to metric measurements.
  2. Pinterest: You may fall in love with the photos and ideas on Pinterest, but often the real deal can fall short of an impossible photo-shopped standard. Be kind to yourself, not everyone is a food photographer!
  3. Family albums: Take comfort in tried and tested recipes! However, watch out for oven temperatures and baking times (they may change according to how “fancy” your oven is compared to Grandma’s).
  4. Friends: Aaah, you’ve tried it, it tastes good, and you get the recipe. You may have to watch out for sneaky friends, who give an altered version of the recipe (that way, their original will always be better – it must remain secret after all!).
  5. Recipe books: Trusty recipe books can sometimes not be so trusty – horrifying we know. However, recipes contained in books may not be as tried and tested as we think, but simply put together to fill a page (think about those compendium recipe books).
  6. Make it up: If you make it up as you go along, you are a true innovator – you may also have many flops – but you can persevere till you reach perfection, or get totally frustrated and ignore the recipe forever.

Last thing to consider is that new recipes that are tried and failed may just need a little ‘tweaking’ (not twerking). There may be small differences between your bake and the recipe baked by the source: such as altitude shenanigans, oven differences and ingredient inconsistencies.

So try, try again we say! Baking isn’t baking without a few flops.