Meet The Team

  • Nicole Scapetis – Yoell: (“the Boss”)

  • Owner of Nicoletta, secret DG (Domestic Goddess) and Meringue Queen.

“DG – gee, thanks for that Holly! I certainly do enjoy baking and a bit of experimenting whilst baking, the best part however is watching people enjoy eating what I’ve made!”

  • Ian Yoell: (“the Boss #2”)

  • Owner of Nicoletta, photographer and official taster, lover of all things sweet.

“I just love baked goods, sweet (and savoury), although my sweet tooth does tend to win! There is little that compares to eating the uncooked batter and then the fresh baked product!”

  • Jean-Paul Le Roux: (“the health guru”)

  • Operations Manager of Nicoletta, baker and health advocate.

“I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with variation.”