We’re so happy and grateful for warm Summer days, blissfully still nights and equally vibrant food – it’s the perfect time for refreshing, fruity and colourful treats.

This challenge – send in your photo’s of baked (or unbaked!) colourful Summer-inspired treats, and we’ll add it to the competition!

The Bake Off will run from 11th December – 31 January 2016. To enter, email your images to theteam@nicolettabakeclub.co.za / upload your photo to our Facebook page.

Click here to learn “How to Enter”, and click here to view our “Terms & Conditions

Prize worth R300 – A gift box filled with a selection of Nicoletta sprinkles and Marshmallow Frosting Mix!

Take a scroll down our ‘Pinspiration’ board on Pinterest for some interesting ideas on Colourful Summer Baking ♥.

P.S. Here is the recipe for this fruity, Banting friendly ‘Blueberry Smoothie Mousse Tart’ (the names a mouthful, but it’s grain + sugar free!).