We love the flavours of vanilla, chocolate, coffee and caramel – all the things that go together like peas in a pod, like white on rice, like Arthur and Martha.

This month’s theme is simple: send us a photo of your baked/ unbaked treat according to any one or more of the flavours mentioned, and we’ll add it to the competition. The Bake Off will run from 1st – 31st July. Send your images to theteam@nicolettabakeclub.co.za to enter/ upload your photo to our Facebook page.

Prize worth R300 – Gift box filled with a selection of Nicoletta sprinkles and decorations!

Click here to learn “How to Enter”, and click here to view our “Terms & Conditions

Visualise your next entry by viewing our ‘Pinspiration’ boards for some inspiring ideas and decorations –  Chocolate ♥; Salted Caramel